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Welcome to our Gallery
The Photos will help you get an Idea
of the Art that we Create

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We have been creating our Driftwood Designs
for over 20 years, they are an original idea, growing from
our love of driftwood, the ocean, & sailing vessels.
Searching beaches from Washington, Oregon, & California
coast lines, we have together, collected beautiful, rare pieces, of driftwood fashioning, them into our works of art.We have sold
 our work, Internationally,

as well as here in  the United States.
Driftwood is increasingly more difficult to find, and it delights us
 to be able to preserve these pieces for those who enjoy it's unique beauty. Like snowflakes each piece is one of a kind.

The sharing of this love of driftwood has been a high light of our life together. Searching, beaches in fair whether or foul has provided some of our most memorable experiences. Working together cleaning, finishing,
designing sail systems and viewing the final product
has brought us much happiness, &
passion for the unity that exists between us and our creations.

















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